The Girl

Linsey Marie Brown.
Thats the name.
The definition:

I am a daughter of a King. 

I am a girl with a testimony that is unyielding and never changing.

I am a girl who is one of the most emotional human beings to ever walk this place we call earth. 

I am a girl who cries two to three times a day. It happens. 

I am girl who struggles with social skills. 

I am a girl that will stand up for what she believe in at all times, in all things, in all places.

I am a girl who faces the daily struggles of an awkward life.

I am a girl who pushes her limits everyday.

I am a girl who is loved by friends and family.

I am a girl with the love to be outside myself and dance.

I am a girl who loves anything to do with fashion. 

I am a girl who believes in true love.

I am a girl who has made mistakes.

I am a girl who is learning.

I am a girl waiting for her prince charming.

I am me. Plain and simple.

A perfect description.

I have been told many times in my daily life that I
laugh too much.
Who ever said that was so wrong?

The family.
I am who I am because of these lovely people.
They have my back and my heart.
I love them dearly.

The second family.
Dance Co. for life. 

The ultimate Best Friend.
Elder Brown is currently serving in the
California, Anaheim Mission.
See you big bro, September 2012.