Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Pathetic Life.

I have a problem.
It is an addiction.
It has consumed my life.
I'm completely fine with that.

Vampire Diaries

I spent 
Saturday Night
all day Sunday
watching the entire first season.
That is 22 one hour episodes.
That is almost a full day of television.
But I did it.
Impressive right?
And you want to know why I did this ridiculous thing?

All my girlfriends are in love.
Every. Single. One.
They are constantly giggling with excitement about their new lovers.
Adorable stories of dates.
Saucy stories of first kisses.
How in love they are.
Blah. Blah. Blah.
They are all so happy.
And I'm so happy for them.

But at the same time...
I had to throw a pity party for myself.
Because that is how pathetic I am.
So since my life is seriously lacking in that certain department,
I tried to spice it up.
I spent the last day and a half
watching humans and vampires fall in love.
With lots of violence.
And lots of kissing.
Which was probably my favorite part because I am seriously lacking in that department.

Welcome to my life.
The pathetic life.
And I am quite fine with it.
Sort of.

Watch this clip.
Just see why it fills my empty pot of romance. 
It kills me.
Stefan is my man.
Who needs someone you can actually touch?
I got this dashing fellow all to myself.
Not to mention I have a life size cardboard cut out of him.
It's fine.

Thats my love life in a nut shell.
Its fine.