Sunday, April 15, 2012

Not Even Close.

I have a million drafts written.
And not one has been sent through for actual public eye to see.

Why you ask?


I can't figure out how to say all of this right.

How I am feeling.
My heart.
How fast.
How scary.

The words aren't working.
I'm getting frustrated.

All I know is that I like him.
I feel the most Linsey when he is around.

That doesn't even make sense.

I don't have to try. Everything just comes so natural.

This spring break was complete bliss.

He taught me a song on the guitar. He sang to me. He played. We laughed. He watched Eclipse with me. What? That isn't normal. We had a game night. Where I completely owned. He pouted. He's not used to losing. It was good for him. For I am the elder and superior. Come at me bro. The hugs. The cuddles. The good night text. His smirk every time I embarrass myself. The simple way he holds my hand. Just him. Everything. Perfect.

But it's not perfect.
This isn't perfect.

And I'm starting to get annoyed and upset.
I can't take this rollor-coaster much longer.
Or else I am going to throw up.
Thats right.

But I'm holding on for dear life.
Because this ride is one of the most thrilling and heart racing ones yet.
And I'm not ready to get off.
Not even close.

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  1. I adore this post.
    Cutest evahh. <3