Monday, October 17, 2011

Never Give Up.

Heavenly Father knows his children.
He answers prayers in ways you can't even imagine.
I'm so lucky.
He answered mine.

I went back tonight.
Back to where our love existed.
Back to where everything was perfect.
Where he told me he loved me.
Where Taylor Swift became a reality.
In his words:

"Sometimes I lay down at night, 
and I think about you.
How good my life used to be.
But you know what?
It will be that much better when I come home."

That's my hope.
That's what I hold onto.

I went with my besty.
She knows how to carry me.
She knows what to say.
And tonight...
Revelation came through her.
What I needed to hear,
She spoke so clearly with tear in her eyes.
And it hit me like a bag of bricks.
Because I can't give up.
I never will.
Not until my very last breathe will I ever give up.

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