Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What. What? Graduate?

Today was the big day.

Ready or not,

It had arrived.

I am officially a graduate from American Fork High School!!

It still hasn't hit me.
I feel like on Monday, I will roam those dear old halls once more.
They will welcome me the sound of sophomores screaming and teachers preaching.

High School were the best years of my life.
I have never had so much fun.

As a little sophomore,
dating all the older boys.
They loved me.
I fancied them.
Sneaking out every night and it didn't matter if I was immature.
I did whatever I wanted.
One of the best years of my life.

Then came junior year,
I fell in love.
I met my missionary.
I have never been so happy.
Then he left.
And I was depressed.
There was the christmas assembly and all that came with that.
Junior year I changed.
I can't explain it.
I wanted more than the bubble life I was living.
I began to notice people I had never noticed before.
And when I made Student Council, my whole world got turned around.
For the better.

Finally, I became a senior.
I have been top dog.
To be quite honest, I got away with murder.
It was fantastic.
Between being an SBO, Dance Company Member, and belonging to two very different friend groups,
Lets say, I have grown.
I have loved my senior year.

And now...

I'm done.
I'm finished.


I feel so relieved.
And free.

Dear world,
Here I come.

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