Thursday, June 14, 2012

You. Just You.

I was afraid of falling again. 
I thought things like this took time, like a fine wine aging in the cellar.
I was wrong. 

You've given me that feeling I thought I lost so long ago.
You've touched my heart so deeply with your gentle touch.

Words can't explain how thankful I am of you.
You have brought me my smiles back.

The moments that we have shared, the memories we make.
My world has changed now that you are here.
I've opened up my everything to you because I trust you.

When we are together, happiness is everywhere.
You and me.
Who would have thought?

I know we get on each other's nerves a lot.
I tease you about your preference for blondes.
You always bash on my university choice.
I point out that I could bring my future husband to your farewell.
You push away my kisses.
All the time.
I'm sooo glad you find humor in my humiliation.
You never fail to make it clear that you can always one up me.
In everything.
It gets annoying.
Sometimes your moody.
I just want to slap you.
You pout.
Then I get annoyed.
Then we are both upset and sit there in complete silence.
I look at you.
Wait for the apology.
You just sit there.
As stubborn as your father.
Then one of us will give in and 
When you grab my hand,
I can't even remember why I was mad.

You make my heart melt, and my stomach fill with butterflies.
You leave me speechless and yet full of laughter.
You look at me and my heart starts skipping beats.
My face starts to glow. 
And my eyes start to twinkle. 
Imagine what you do to me when you smile!

When I look into your eyes, my heart starts racing and I see myself falling for you.
It doesn't make sense to me, that's why I trust it.

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  1. You are the most beautiful writer! I'm in love with your happiness, it's just bursting from the page. :)