Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Brother. What A Stud.

Family and Friends,
Well this week has been Crazy and fun!  Last P-day I challenged Elder Hansen that he could not drink one Gallon of milk In ten minutes and hold it down for five Minutes.  With Elder Hansens Personality He confidently took that challenge and thought he could do it.  So we have just got done playing basketball for a couple hours and we get the trash out just in case and we see if you can do this.   He didn't know that it is impossible to drink a whole gallon of milk and keep it down.  So The time starts going and he drinks like a quarter of it in like on minute and then he is like I can't do it.  It was so funny.  Obviously the whole District is cheering for him to down it and keep going.   Five minutes into it he has downed half of it and he is just talking and then All of a sudden he threw up and it projectiled 13 feet.  IT was the biggest projectile throw I have ever seen and I was on the side of him like two feet away and it was the funniest thing ever.  So that was an adventure of itself.

They did the gallon challenge.
On his mission.
For fun.
Welcome to the missionary life of California everyone!
   I Love the 4th of July in Utah!  One I am with my family we get to go to the parade! We get amazing fire work shows all over the Place and you get to light off fireworks basically the whole month of July.  Here in California you couldn't tell that the 4th of July was coming until that afternoon.  But having said that My 4th of July was Awesome!!!   It was our P-day and our whole District got invited by the Daltons for a BBQ and play on there new sport court.  We played in the sun about 95 degrees for 4 hours!  We played Basketball, Volley ball, and Paddle Tennis and it was a Blast.  Oh, and the food was amazing.  It was so hot and for some reason us Elders forgot to put on Sunscreen.  Yep,  Our whole DIstrict got fried.  I even go fried and have the sickest Tan line or I guess you could say Burn line. haha.  But it was fun and the Members here rock.  We then went to another BBQ and we were able to do a suprise attack on non-members who were there.  We shared the Book of Mormon and invited them to read the book of Mormon and Find out for themselves if it is true.  They accepted it and they thanked Elder Hansen and I for Doing what we do and going around telling people what we believe in so that was pretty cool.  We then were able to see the fireworks with the Hanagans and got home just in time for Cerfew.  It was Totally awesome!!! 

Okay so my brother has just been partying it up?
And sharing the gospel?
Best job ever.

    Then this morning I was able along with my whole District to go and meet President Bowen.  He is a really cool guy!   I am so excited because I know that he really was called by God and that there are going to be a lot of Miracles here in this mission.  He said that all here cares that we do his advice is to come closer to Jesus Christ.  If you have the understanding of his , Compassion, Charity, and Love for us then we will have more of Desire to work harder and not to do anything that you would offend the Savior.  I really Liked that.  Instead of being obedient just to be obedient.  You have Faith in Jesus Christ and it makes you want to be Obedient and do all we can to be his servants.  President and Sister Bowen are Awesome and they have had a lot of Trials to get here and they did!  I am Really Excited and so Grateful I am in this mission in Yorba Linda with Elder Hansen!  I know that If I continue to be Faithful To my Lord, my Savior, and My King that everything will fall into place. I love you All hope you all had a Great 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!

I love how his new mission president said it.
It shouldn't be 
"Be obedient because that's what you are supposed to do."
It should be 
"You want to serve and show your love for your Savior so you will follow his commandments and his prophets because you care about him so much."

Oh the joys of having a brother as a missionary.
Can you believe its already been ten months?
I can't.

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  1. hey, where is your brother serving in california? my brother is serving there too! currently he is in ventura.