Saturday, July 2, 2011

Those Summer Nights.

I just walked in the door.
It is 3:13.
Don't fret.
I wasn't being wild.
I wasn't being crazy.

I was in my drive way by 12:00.
I promise.
We started talking.
About everything and nothing.
About Transformers 3 and my infatuation with
Shia Lebeouf and Josh Duahmel.
The first time we met.

He might have maybe swept me off my feet.
Maybe a little bit.
Remember that very special boy?
He has kind of made my world spin out of control.
And I love it.
He has made my summer feel like summer.
He makes me giddy.
He's... special.

Life is grand my friends.
Any summer romances?
Please share.


  1. Not for me.
    But if you find another male,
    Pease feel free to send him in my direction.
    I wanna romance.

  2. Okayyy so you don't know me but I've been reading your blog because I stumbled upon it one day and liked it because I think you are a lot like me. A LOT! I'm just going to say one thing though. My vote goes with Elder. Hands down.

  3. I'm a blog stalker as well :) No romance in this neck of the woods... there WAS the possibility of one, but it was annihilated before it even began.