Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crazy Madness.

Sometime life becomes a little crazy.
To the point were the thought of blogging is nonsense.
Because there is not a single moment where my body rests.

I'm finally living the summer of my dreams.
I have stayed out until one or later every night.
There is a boy.
A special one at that.
We stay up every night talking about our lives and how blessed we are to have met each other.
He's helping my broken heart.

Stadium of Fire.
Enough said.
David, my love?
I adore you.
With all my heart.

As for the rest of my life?
Let's just say this.
There is only one other time I was this happy.
And that is saying a lot.
Summer is beautiful.
It has become everything I have imagined and more.

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  1. Your blog always gives me a good laugh:) Thanks for that!