Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magic Everywhere You Look.

My life equals greatness.
This weekend has proven to me that magic really does exist.
In every form.

Thursday night was my cousin's Wedding Dinner.

And let me clarify something right here.
My extended family is close.
We're talking really close.
My cousins are like my second sisters.
My brothers.
My aunts are like my other mothers.
We are weirdly close.
And I love it.

So when I say my cousin is getting married,
It feels like my sister is being wedded.
So it's a big deal.
A really big deal.

The Wedding Dinner was beautiful.
It was down Vintage Lane in the backyard of a mansion.
The yard was covered in flowers of pink and purple.
The smell of steak and strawberry lemonade was in the air.
In the back was a roaring river with swings soaring high.
It was a perfect July day.
The sun was shining warm and bright.

After the food was served the microphone was given to the bride and groom to share a few thoughts.
The story was shared of how they met.
And it brought tears to my eyes.

It all started junior year.
She ran track and was a cheerleader.
His life was dedicated to football.
They had seen each other around but never thought anything of it.
Then, this boy had a life changing idea.
He asked her to junior prom.
And from the way it sounded,
It was one of the best nights of there lives.
Well a couple of Sundays afterward,
this girl was sitting in Young Women were she was listening to a lesson on temple marriage.
She said she had this overwhelming feeling that she was meant to marry this boy.
She knew without out a doubt in her mind it was going to work.
She suddenly escaped into a vision of swinging their child together
and felt such peace.
So the summer began.
And by the end of the summer romance,
they had lost their virgin lips together.
Senior year was perfect.
She was cheer captain.
He was the quarterback.
They went to every dance.
Every weekend.
Too soon,
they graduated and he got his mission call.
She had a full ride to BYU for track.
He had a full ride to the same university for football.
He left the following December.
She sent him off and wrote him faithfully at first.
But life got in the way and she wanted to date.
Make sure he's the one.
So she searched.
They stopped writing.
A letter here and there.
Two years later,
she know he was the one.
Two days after he was home,
she called him and asked him out.
They kissed.
And it was fate from there.
He proposed in May.

Cutest story ever.
It kills me.
The wedding dinner was amazing.

Later that evening...

My life officially ended.
As in,
I have nothing to look forward to.
Harry Potter.
And I discovered a new pet peeve.
Why in the world would people go to the midnight showing if they aren't true fans?
Because it's the cool thing to do?
Oh, I was bugged.
And if you haven't ever read one book?
I think there should be a Harry Potter test before you can purchase midnight showing tickets.
You must pass with a 80% or higher.
Thank you.
Because us people,
who have read the entire series three times through,
and can pratically quote every line in ever movie,
do not appreciate your lack of love for our dear Harry and your infatuation with following the crowd.
Thank you, again.
I sobbed.
Through out the whole end.
And the car ride home was a whole other thing.
This marks the end of my childhood.
I saw the first movie while I was in second grade.
The Sorcerer's Stone was my very first chapter book.
The whole gang has always been apart of my life.
And an exciting part at that.

When I turned eleven I spent my entire birthday waiting for my 
Hogwarts acceptance letter.
That night, when it never came,
I cried myself to sleep.

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

I'm obsessed.
When it's dark I call out
But the lights never turn on.

When I want something to come to me, I scream
But the chocolate never comes.

I want to be a witch so bad.
What ever.
I can just live with being a muggle.... I guess.

That's right. We're dorks.
Me and my cousins.

The promptly in the morning,
we headed off to the temple.

And they were married.
Eternally bound.

I have never seen a couple more in love.
Watch this video.
You will surely see what I am talking about.

The Video of Love.

Doesn't that say it all.
She looked like a princess.
With her prince.

It is a true fairytale.


Magic does exist.

All you got to do is go looking for it.

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