Sunday, April 17, 2011

Change Is Coming My Way.

Man, my life is changing right before my eyes.
Stupid college.
It ruins everything.
My friends and I are starting to my challenged with the reality of what college expects.
We all need scholarships.
We all want to have an amazing senior year.
But in order to receive scholarships, we must shape and form our senior year to help us require the certain skills to help us be eligible for the scholarships.
And that bites.
Different paths.
Different friends.

Lets put it this way.
I have the best friends in the world.
There are seven of us.
We are all on Dance Company,
Minus one, who is still with us every where we go,
and spend every second possible with one another.
They are the best girls I know.
We know everything about eachother.
Maybe a little too much.
But that's what makes us best friends right?

 That's us.
Right there.
The seven of us.
We have been through so so so much together.
 We are so dynamic as group.
All have a love of dancing that bonds us, but at the same time
we are all so different.

There is the Polynesian.
When people first see her, they are intimidated by her 5'11" Samoan self.
But once you get to know her, she is the kindest, softest person I know.

There are the two Asians.
One being so bluntly honest about everything at all time,
we have learned to just laugh at her insulting comments.
It's just who she is.
And we love her for it.
The other being the down to earth one.
She is strong and sweet.
A perfect balance.

The blond haired, blue eyed babe.
Who makes boys go weak in the knees.
Honestly, one of the prettiest girls at our school.
Her personality makes you fall out of your seat laughing.
Not to mention, she is a famous dancer.
It's fine.

The red head.
My best friend from the beginning.
I have never met a girl with a stronger personality.
She likes things her way, and will fight til she gets it.
She is motivated.
She is amazing.

The exotic bendy blond one.
My ultimate best friend.
The best dancer I know.
I have never met a softer heart.
She views life from an eternal perspective and
helps me everyday of my life.
One of the best people I have ever met in my life.

We have been through the thick and the thin.
And its about to come to a close.

Three of them,
Have all decided to try out for our schools cheer squad.
In order for them to get scholarships for their dream colleges.
And our team?
They are amazing.
We're talking best in the state.
Second in the country.
Ya, they are kind of a big deal.
But that doesn't go without practice.
Cheer is their life.
They live, breathe, and even eat cheer.
So what does that mean for Linsey?
My best friends are going to become too busy to even notice my existence.
They are who I sat with at our high school events.
The ones that watched every football and basketball game with.
The silly Friday nights.
That is going to be all over.
My heart is cracking to just thinking about.
Luckily, two of the lassies are going to try and juggle Dance Co and Cheer.
We will see how that works out.
But things will never be the same.

Two are already set on Dance Co.
That is their first priority.
But between jobs and studio dancing,
I will rarely ever see them.

One isn't even on Dance Co.
We have remained best friends by the unity of all of us.
I'm terrified with our all of our separation,
I won't ever see her anymore.

And then there is me.
My first priority,
Student Body Officer.
That is where my loyalty will lie.
I will always put it first.
With that alone,
I will hardly ever see my little possy.

We are being separated.
I have never done well with change.
My anxiety issues start to come into play.

But you know what?
The more I ponder and think about what is to come,
The more I know I am going to be alright.
When all this news was officially out in the air,
I began to panic that I was going to be alone.
No friends.
A complete loser.
Then, I realized,
Linsey, think of what is in store for you.
You have a whole council who will become your family.
New friends that will always be there for you.
The push to go to every school event,
not alone, but with a best friend.
You are never going to be alone.
Heavenly Father has blessed you.
Take this blessing, and use it to your full potential.
And I am at peace.
I know everything happens for a reason.
I am strong believer in that.
So its all going to work out in the end.

I am so excited for senior year.
Change is coming my way.
I will face it head on.
And I will welcome it with open arms.
I am ready for this.
Are you?


  1. I'm always here too :)

    Please remember that.



  2. oh lins,i know EXACTLY how you feel. but i promise you'll be taken care of because He WILL help you. :) He always does. you can make it sweet girl! and plus, your creeping wildabeast friend is here to play wif you because she has 0 social life. so it's all good. ;)