Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Love My Life. The End.

I have dissappeared.
Does this ever happen?
I haven't had one moment to sit down and
report the events of my life.
How eventful have they been?
Let me please explain.
I have been having the time of my life.
More stressed than I thought I could ever physically handle.
A total of 20 hours of sleep in the past 5 days?
Walking zombie right here.
I have never blushed harder than Saturday night.
I smile cheek to cheek just thinking about it.

A Few Highlights:

Soccer games.
Of Course.
That isn't even a question.
Last Friday as well as this one.
I have sat through the heat, snow, and hail
in order to support my Crush.
Oh, the things I do for him.
If he only knew.

My Crush actually came over to my house on Saturday!
I think it was a dream.
I am not quite sure.
Because I had a blast.
And I wasn't even awkward.
That alone is a miracle.
The night was filled with
Just Dance 2,
and Humiliation.
But I won't go into that.
Lets just say,
I had an amazing night.
And my crush on this young man is as strong as ever.

The main reason for my disappearance would be my
attempts to run and campaign for 
This past week:
I did not go to bed before 2 am every night.
I had to edit the most ridiculous video.
Watch it please

Yep, this my creation.
It sucks.
Please don't judge me.
I had to pass out endless amounts of Smarties 
and talk to the most random people.
It was fantastic.
This last week was full of
tears, screams, laughter, and deep talks.

Monday I had my interview.
Lets say,
I think I did quite well.
We were asked to dance in different genres.
I brought Wonderboy up and made him dance with me
instead of getting into my interpretive dance moves.
I answered from the heart.
I felt awesome afterward.

Tuesday through Thursday,
I harassed people.
I give them candy,
They vote for me.
Simple process.
Actually it was one of the most stressful parts,
but hey,
I had fun doing it.

Finally, Friday came.
The new officers were picked,
and the poor canidates had to wait until
10:45 to find out at the elections dance.
I threw up in the morning.
Too much anxiety for my taste.
The day was filled with tears and stress.
I just wanted to know.
I can handle rejection.
My senior year would be awesome either way.
I just wanted to know.

The current SBO's had a barbeque for us.
And let me tell you,
It was more of a testimony meeting than anything.
It was outstanding.
Yes, I cried.
Shocker right?
We headed off to the dance.
Can I just say that I love dances?
I kind of go crazy.
But that is what's fun right?
After spending the next hour of my life partying it up,
the canidates were called to the Cafiteria.
They thanked us for running.
They gave us letters.
Mine, specifically, was from Wonderboy.
That just made my night.
The canidates then proceeded to hike to the top of the bleachers 
opposite of our posters.
This is how it goes.
From the top of the bleachers to the bottom
laid ten giant posters.
On each one there was the name of a current SBO.
At the very top of each poster,
was another poster of equal length,
for the new SBO council rolled up very tightly.
And one by one, you watch the posters drop.
And pray your name is on one of them.
So the dropping began.

First poster: No Luck.

Second poster: Try again.

Third poster: Oh, she will be awesome.

Fourth poster: Nope, well so long, it was fun while it lasted.

Fifth poster (rolled down by the one and only Wonderboy): 

Somebody please pinch me now.
I am in a dream.
This cannot be real.
I am a Student Body Officer.
If you would of asked me a year ago,
no, try three months ago,
if I would ever be an SBO?
I would say that you were crazy and I had no chance.
But Heavenly Father has a plan for every single one of his children.
And this is the answer to my prayers.
Every. Single. One. Of. Them.
It's amazing.
My testimony has never been so strong.
I am so blessed.

The night proceeded by wearing Wonderboy's sweater.
Yes, he rolled down my poster so I got to wear his holy sweater.
I screamed.
I cried.
I recieved many hugs and congratulations.
My Crush even came and gave me a hug.
Baby steps. 

I have never been so happy.
My testimony is stronger than ever.
I now am a 
Student Body Officer
for 2011-2012.
I will render service to my fellow man.
I can change this school.
But more importantly,
I can impact lives.
Little by little.
I cannot wait.
Life is perfect right now.
I could not ask for anything more.
I love my New Council.
Every single one of them are incredible.
The class of 2012 is coming your way.
And we will never stop.
This is going to be the greatest Senior year EVER!

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  1. good job on making student council!!!
    of course i don't know you but you seem like an incredible person so i'm sure you'll be amazing. (: