Sunday, April 10, 2011

It Has Only Just Begun.

Guess where I am right now?
I. Love. Orange. County.
with all my heart.

This means a road trip baby.
To be honest,
Main cause:
I get so so so so sooooo sick.
It was filled with movies and laughs.
Fights and sleep.
It was awful.
But amazingly fun at the same time.
We took pictures.

We are staying with a member from Elder Brown's old ward.
She had him over for dinner and was so impressed with my dashing brother that she emailed my mother with complements and inspiring words.
They are kind of best friends now.
So we are staying with a random 67 year young lady that we have never met before.
She cooks the most amazing food.
We love Bobby.

Today, we went to Joshy's old ward.
We met one of the boys he baptized.

His name is Zeke.
What a nice boy.

We visited his old apartment building.
It was special.
Walking in the same places he did.
We thought we were cool.

We traveled to the New Port temple.
It is so different from the beautiful Timpanogus Temple home.
But equally enchanting.

And ducks walk the streets.
I thought they were kind of neat.

The adventures of Anaheim.
I left a foot of snow,
only to end up in 70 degree weather.
Life is grand.
It has only just begun.
We tackle the mystical destination of

More information will be provided.

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