Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does It Get Better Than This? I Think Not.

1. A mysterious quality of enchantment
2. Possessing distinctive qualities that produce unaccountable or baffling effects

or in other words:


This land of thrilling roller coasters and fantastical settings
is what keeps imagination going for the children and teenagers of this day.
I have come to a conclusion 
of why I am seventeen years old
and still scream and cry every time I see Mickey and Minnie running around the theme park.
I have grown up with Disney.
It has always been apart of my life.
I have always seen princesses go through trial after trial,
only to end up with a prince and a happily ever after.
I have seen talking lions lose loved ones and their way,
one to come to the realization of his destiny and take his rightful place as king.
A fishy son gets lost and the love of his father ultimately brings them together.
A toy understands that a boy can love more than one 
and still be completely special no matter the circumstance.
No matter the situation, 
or dilemma,
Disney always inspires the heart of every youngster.
These movies and characters have a way of making you see beyond yourself and 
really hope for all things great.
Completely fantastical.
That is why I love this place with all my heart.

So yesterday,
I ventured to this world of fantasy.

This is the sign that hangs above the bridge as you enter.
It makes you feel as though,
you are leaving today,
you are leaving all your worries,
and traveling into a world of blissful fun and excitement.

Here are a few or my adventures:

The youngin's and I before Indian Jones.

I have a never ending love for Tarzan.
Who doesn't love a chiseled man running around in a loin cloth?

Haunted Mansion.

California Adventures.
Not as grand as Disneyland but the rides are praise worthy.

I am happy the pictures don't show the tears.
Yes, I started crying when I hugged Sully.
Childhood hero right there.

A kind lady at a story gave me this button for free.
I wore it all day.
I received a total of seven congratulations.
Probably the best part of the day.

 One of my favorite rides.
3D Toy Story extra spectactular game of skill and joy.

Right before
"The Magical World of Color"
So inspirational.

A note worthy event:
Such a fantastic thing.
As I got in line for an adventurous ride,
Thunder Mountain to say the least,
I was slightly wade down by my throbbing feet and burnt skin.
As I dragged my tired self through the winding cement path,
I saw a patch of blonde hair in another close section of the line.
Could it be?
There is no way.
"Mom... I think that is..."
Before I knew it my Crush became visible behind the mass amount of people.
I exclaimed hello and let my excitement beam through.
What are the odds?
In a different state,
at the same theme park,
on the same ride,
at the same time?
I smiled the rest of the day.
Always keeping a hopeful eye out for this young lad.
He was never spotted again,
but I am grateful.

I went to the beach.
New Port, to be exact.
I love the heat.
The smell of the ocean.
The waves crashing on to the shore.
The scent of sunscreen mixed with the burning salt on my skin.
The screams of little children being splashed.
The crunch of chips between my teeth.
The bright sun.
My hair blowing with the ocean breeze.
It makes me glow.

It was a good day.
Grand actually.
I love the beach.
I think I will some where near by when I get older.
Maybe not.
I love my protective mountains too much.
But now is not the time to worry.
Just smile.

After my adventures, the girls ran to Target.
I found these birthday card.
My sister had to walk away due to embarrassment,
when I began to flail myself on the floor fueled my laughter.

How enlightening.
I laughed.
Very hard.

Spring break.
I love it.
Tell me your adventures.
I would love to hear them.

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