Friday, April 15, 2011

Dreams Come True. Why Yes, They Do.

There lived a little lassie named Linsey.
During a break from the dreaded, stressed-filled land of school,
this young maiden traveled to a mystical place.
Full of whimsical buildings and adventurous rides.
Where a seventeen year old, one much like herself,
could lose maturity and fall back into the state of a child of five years.
Yes, this is where she entered.
The Land of Disney.

A few of her adventures enquired:

Jumping aboard a flying elephant and soaring to new heights.

She was able to see her iconic hero, The Prince of Pop, right before her eyes.
Yes, she almost died.

Flynn Rider. Enough said. 
She began to travel to a fantasy land,
where one day, her husband will be a spitting image of this young man.

She figured her chances of receiving a dashing husband like Mr. Fitzherbert,
She should become as much like Rapunzel as possible.
First step: Find her own personal Pascal The Chameleon.

In another part of the land,
This damsel stumbled upon a true treasure.
Sleeping Beauty.


Upon meeting this iconic princess, a new aspiration arose.
My new goal in life:
Become a Disney Princess at Disneyland.
Yes, it is true.
After meeting this kind soul, my passion for the career path grew immensely.
Snow White?
I am not precisely sure which princess I might take on the role of,
but all I know is that one day,
little girls will stand in line to meet their hero,
and I will be the one to make that dream come true.


As in every good story,
How could this frilly girl make it through the kingdom without the help of a few friends?

She bumped into her long lost childhood best friend.
The days of elementary and wee princess life.
What fine days those were.

Also, she had the privilege to ride a few roller coasters with this dashing young man.
Space Mountain and Indiana Jones have never been so enjoyable.
This little princess felt quite spoiled to have the company of such an exquisite prince.

Finally, by the end of this night,
She met up with one of her bestestestest friends of all time.
The damsel had a lovely time filled with deep talks, laughs, and animal sound contests.

As this lassie returned to her castle that evening,
she looked back at the events that had occurred.
Blessing after blessing.
This princess was so grateful for the time that she got to spend with the royal family,
as well as some amazing and inspiring people.

The Land of Disney is a magical place.
It is where Dreams Come True.
Believe me,
A small portion of mine did.
Can you pick out which part of the story that is?

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