Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Boys.

Life is spontaneously random. 
I was always told people would come and go
I never fully grasped this concept as a youngin.
 In high school, you are almost subjected to learn this.
 Every six months in high school, your friends change. 

It is implied. 

The person who is your best friend now will be a mere acquaintance in the future. 
At the same time, new people come into your life that
 replace and completely fill 
that spot. 

People that make you pee your pants from laughing, 
People that bring out the best in you,
 People that make you realize it is unbelievably 
easy to be yourself.

I finally met a pack of these individuals.

The Boys. 

The little Sophomores of Lone Peak.

Bless their hearts.

I have never met a greater group of boys in my entire life.
They are nuts.
Half the time I don't even understand what they are talking about.
The other half I want to beat them for the tongue popping technical skill.
That I am extremely jealous of.

What group of boys hang out every night?
And I mean... Every night.
Playing C.O.D or watching movies.
These boys are always doing something.

Hence I am writing this post at midnight.
I didn't arrive home until 10:30.
I was partying a little too hard with these little boys.

My new little possy.
Oh, how I love you boys
You know who you are.
Some good talks.
Ya, ya, ya know.. I like you. You're cool.
Down Syndrome.
Some good quality normals.
And many other catch phrases that I cannot think of at the moment. 
"At least you can't think of some catch phrases right now. 
That would be bad."
Oh man, love you guys.

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