Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Best Friend. The Cousin.

Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.


God made us cousins, because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.


Cousin to cousin we’ll always be,

Special friends from the same family tree.

In my cousin, I find a second self.
Isabel Norton

I find myself blessed in so many ways.
I live in sheltered little Utah with the true Gospel in my life.
I have had education always at my finger tips.
I have the best friends in the entire world.
I have been blessed with a family that is strong in the 

gospel and so loving.
But I believe one of my greatest blessings is the fact
that I am bound eternally to my best friend.
My cousin.
My other sister.
Savannah Jae Slater

This beaut has been in my life from the very beginning.
Since our mothers are sisters, Nana has always been in my life.
Being a year and a half older, it was destined that we would be so close.

Sadly, through out our childhood Miss Savannah lived in Arizona.
I only saw her in the summer and on holidays when one of our families would make the 
commute to the opposite state.
Finally, while Sav was in her Jr. High years they moved back to the mormon state. 
And since then, we have been best friends.

I wish I could present every single laugh, every single memory
we have shared together.
Here are a few:

In 2008, we got to enjoy the city lights and subway adventures of
New York.

Disneyland, 2009.
The happiest place on earth is one of our favorite vacations.

We have got to share the experience of two cruises together. 
Best. Vacations. Ever.

We had the pleasure to meet Mr. Archuleta.
Also attending the American Idol Concert, David Cook Season.

We met the Singles Ward guy as well. Epic.

Our many movie experiences, this one being Tangled.

Harry Potter at Midnight. She is a believer.

Our strongest bond and favorite discussion topic would be our
complete and utter love for The Twilight Saga. 
We have been to every single Midnight showing.
We have spent countless hours discussing our love for Edward Cullen.
We are those teenage girls that everyone makes fun of.

But we are PROUD.
So proud, we created this video to show our dislike for Jacob Black.
This was 2008.
We were obsessed.
No judgements please.

This is our pride and joy.
28,000 views. Woot Woot!

As you can see we have had our share of good times.
Not only the good times, but the BEST times. 

Nana has always been there for me.
Through the thick and thin.
We both endured losing our Grandpa and Cousin.
Families are together forever.
The poor girl is stuck with me for all of time and eternity.

Savannah Jae is one of the most incredible people I have ever met.
The perfect quote to describe Miss Slater would be:

"The people who don't know me think I am quiet,
those who do wish I was."

My dear cousin is a bit shy. To those she doesn't know.
If only if only they truly knew that Nana that is my best friend.
She is absolutely crazy.
She knows how to make me laugh harder than anyone else.
She is the most understanding person I know.
She loves unconditionally.
She is a hopeless romantic.
She has never kissed a boy, and she is proud of it.
She has a testimony that could make anyone believe.
She is kind to everyone.
She is a hardworker.
She is a fashion diva.
She a 4'11" ball of energy.
She makes the best chocolate chip waffles.
She is the truest friend anyone could have.
She is strong.
She is my biggest role model. 
The list can go on and on.

I look up to her more than she will ever know. If I could say anything to my dear cousin this would be my sentiments:

Dear Savannah,
Thank you. Thank your for everything. I have never met a more Christlike person in my entire life. You have shown me that life can be amazing while still doing the right things. We have endured a lot together. Between Brady, Grandpa O, and.. Kent? We have always had each other to fall on to. I know I haven't been the greatest friend at times. I lose myself in high school and forget what really matters. Family. Families are forever. Friends are going to come and go, and they have. But one thing has always remained constant. That has been you. We have had our rough times, but in the end we always remain best friends. You are my role model Savannah. The way you live your life is so pure. I try to live my life with the unconditional love and eternal perspective that shines through you everyday. Once again, I would like to say thank you. You have changed my life in so many ways. You will always be my best friend. Love you Nana.
Linsey Lou <3

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