Friday, February 11, 2011

Justin Bieber Forever and Always.

Once upon a time... There was a girl who got pregnant in high school.
She bore a son and named him

Justin Drew Beiber.

What would I do with my life if he was never born?
Honestly, I would be a completely different person.
My dreams would not be as high.
My hope would not be never ending.

Do I sound obsessed?
I am.

July 10, 2010
I had the opportunity to marvel at the love of my life.
In concert. 
4th row.
Dead Center.
I cried three times.
These are the pictures that were taken by yours truly.

My ultimate favorite. He looks like an angel.

This is where I vow.
I will NOT leave this earth without 
Justin Beiber knowing my name.
We will be friends.
We will be lovers.
It is a goal I have set and I will do anything to achieve it.
I love him.
I am infatuated.
JB, I am always here for you.
Your number one fan, always ready to back you up.

And if you are a hater,
You will not regret it.
You will see what Justin Bieber is all about.
He is kind.
He is grateful.
He gives back.
He is beautiful.
He is talented.
He knows where he came from.
He has the voice of an angel.
He is always himself.
I love him. 

Here are a few pics of us together:

Our first picture. How touching.

This was taken during my fat phase. Give me a break.

Baadddd haircut.

Aren't we just the cutest couple?
We belong together.
I know.
And I will wait for the day when he realizes this as well.
JB Forever.
Love you.

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