Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Emails

The weekly emails to my two favorite missionaries. I love them dearly. I know they are a bit repatative but what can ya do? Go ahead, take a look at how supportive I am. I try :)


So help me if you don't email me back I am going to rage. I miss you bro. I read your emails every week. I wish I could put into words how proud I am of you. You are so noble. You are serving your Heavenly Father with all your heart. You are growing in every way. Spiritually, mentally, and physically. (Possibly not in the best way on that last one.) I fasted for you and Aaron today. I want to help in every possible. I pray for you day and night but I felt a special urge to fast today. I fasted hoping that you will find success and the fight to press forward. I fasted knowing that the lord will bless you. My big brother. My hero. I love you so much Elder Brown. Please word harder than you ever have this week. Really listen to the promptings of the spirit and you will know what to do. Guess what? I am seventeen. Ah. (Dinosaur Noise). And... I registered for Senior year. How is that even possible. No one knows. Your baby sister is growing up. I am going to the MATC to get my Medical Assisting degree next year. Wish you were here to help me make these choices but I guess you will just see me when I am an accomplished and graduated high school student. YES! I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Tell Elder Knight I say hello :) 

You favorite sibling of all time,
Linsey Lou!

Ps I have that Eclipse picture up in my room. I have never been more proud. It is epic.

Dear Elder,

It is crazy to think that this week on the 10th you will have been out officially 3 months. That seems absolutely bizarre to me. A few months ago we were just two kids in love and now look at where we are. You, Elder, are in Guatemala serving your Heavenly Father. Doing the best thing you can ever do for yourself yet being so selfless at the same time. I am 17, surviving high school, and I just registered for senior year. Can you believe that? In 6 months I will be a senior. Life is going by too fast. I am getting freaked out. Before I know it you are going to be home. Enjoy every moment Elder. Know I still think about you and pray for your success. Today actually, I fasted for you and my brother. I fasted in hopes that you will find families ready to here the gospel and families who follow through. I fasted hoping that you will push forward. That you will work harder than you have ever worked in your entire life. I know this will result in the Lord blessing you thus making your mission worthwhile. You are one the most incredible people I have ever met. Think of who you are going to be when you come home? I may not even be worthy to stand in your presence! just kidding. I love you, and will until the day I see you again. I am still waiting for that letter. I know it will come, eventually. Thank you for everything.

With all my heart,
Linsey :)

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