Monday, February 7, 2011

It came. It finally came.

Attention to one, attention to all.
I am pleased to announce the arrival of my long lost lover.
My letter.
My dear beloved letter.
It is here and all is well.

So here's how it all went down.

I decided to spend this much needed minimal day with my dear friend T-slate. After making the rounds around town, we settled in her room to do something productive. Homework, of course was the main goal, but as usual I got distracted by facebook and blog stocking.

That is when my phone began to ring.

It was my father. My amazing father.
He delivered the sweetest news anyone could ever imagine.

He had a present for me.
It had come from Guatemala. 

Instantaneously, I started crying.

Finally. My first thoughts were:
My Elder had no forgotten about me.
He had kept his promise.
I still meant something to him. 
I wonder how long it is.
When will I get to read it?

Then I remembered I was still on my cellular device.
Papa Brown then asked if he could bring it to me.

Well I couldn't say no, he offered.

That was the longest twenty minutes of my life.
Just listening to my music, trying to write on my blog but excitement overcame all thoughts and words to the point were writing was out of the question.
I had to let facebook know though.

It felt as if I was moving in slow motion.
My phone rings once more. I get up off the floor. I stand and run with the excitement of a five year old. I sprint accross the endless basement and the everlasting stairs. I see the closed door. Before I know it I am outside in the blizzard only to see my father's car in the drive way. He hands my treasure over to me. I thank him and kiss him on the cheek. My fingers are fumbling over the creesed envelope. It is open. I pull the paper out.
I have my letter. In front of me.
Waiting to be read.

One page.
Four weeks of waiting, 
and he only bothers to write one page.

But it one of the sweetest letters I have gotten from my Elder. It may not be the longest one, but it is filled with true intent.

The Highlights:

"I am definately going to be weird when I come back, no doubt, but that is because I am a disciple of Jesus Christ."
Well, at least he can face the fact that he is going to be a weirdy. But with a good cause.

"All I want to do is come home and live the Commandments of the Lord for all my life. But I guess I need to be sealed in the temple too HINT HINT"
Ok, Elder. Wait to be subtle about plans when you get home. I'm waiting.

"Guatemala is awesome except for the freaking Spiders!!"
Ha. Ha. And he didn't believe my mother and her spider stories.
You were warned Elder.

"I hope everything is going great in your life! Probably not with all your surgeries but I know you are a tough girl :)"
Yes, he did put a smiley face. 

"I love you. Everything is cool here. LOVE YOU!!!"
Best part of the letter. He still cares.

What. A. Relief.
I know I should want him to be one hundred percent focused.
I am a seventeen year old girl who is in love. 
Give me a break.

I am smiling a real smile this very moment.
The first time in months that I haven't put on an act.
True happiness.
I am giggling.
I am giddy.
I feel joy.
I am almost whole for this moment in time.
I am happy.

This is how I used to be.

When he was here.

Utterly complete and true happiness.

Thank you Heavenly Father, for answering my prayers. 

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  1. mmm lins, it's krista. i found your blog. it's so cute. call me a stalker? probably. :) anyways that is so exciting! good for you :)