Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Return of Mr. D.

Well, the title says it all.
I hate to say but I have failed at keeping my blog updated on this little portion of my life.
The last place I left off on this little story was whether to love or not to love.
Well, I decided to grow up, getting over my fears, and just let things flow.

Last Thursday, I texted Mr. D. and planned to hang out on Saturday.
When Saturday came around, I once again texted him asking
"****! You still on for tonight?"
*Name has been censored our for privacy reasons.
I waited, I waited, and I waited.
No. Reply. Back.
I wasn't mad.
I was more upset with the fact that I couldn't help.
That I had changed my mindset all for nothing.
I was willing to give this a shot, which was a big deal for me,
and I got shot down.
But I got over it fast and went to move on in life.
Monday, after school, I was at Boshua's house watching Casper the Friendly Ghost.
Buzzz Buzzzz
And Linsey's phone went off.
One text message, Mr. D.
It consisted of a sweet apology and a request to hang out again.
I replied with a simple yes, and whenever he is not busy.
Tuesday night I recieved another request to hang out, but for that night.
After we went through all of our possibilities, we came to a conclusion.
Pizza Factory. With his whole family.
Father, Mother, Brother, Sisters, and All.
After I had an internal freak out, I rushed to get ready.
He picked me up, we got in the car, with his family, and headed off.
It was great.
It was so great.
I have always known his family.
Everyone is so grown up.
I had a really good time and it was nice talk to him again.
His family is adorable and I didn't feel awkward for a second.
Thats saying a lot.
When I was dropped off, I asked him if he would like to come inside real quick and talk to the fam.
Oh boy, did we talk.
We talked all night.
Late in to the night.
As in 2 a.m.
In the morning.
On a school night.
I have never felt so comfortable.
I usually have anxiety when a male is in the presence of my family.
I don't know why.
I just feel like I have to watch what I say. 
How I act.
But not with Mr. D. over.
I think it is because I have grown up with the child.
He used to live at my house.
It was so nice having him back.
It was almost like having Joshy Boy home.
The next best thing.
I loved that night.
Nothing romantic happened in anyway.
We were just the little kids we always have been.
Talking about life and new experiences. 
What shocked me the most was how open he was with me 
about everything.
No subject was off limits, no experience too awkward.
We even brought up childhood experiences.
For example:

Back when I was 6 or 7, Mr. D. and Josh were having a sleepover. I fell asleep down stairs on the couch with them after watching a movie. Supposedly, from Mr. D.'s point of view, Joshua woke him up with a plan. These mere 8 or 9 year olds had decided to pee in my mouth. While I was dreaming of rainbows and unicorn peacefully. I woke up to urine being drained in my mouth. I still hate him for that. After I woke up, I started to weep and sprinted to my mother's room. I tried to shake her awake to explain to her this most awful experience. She dowrsily asked what I would like her to do. "Uhhh... Punishment?" Was my sassy 6 year old response. So she gave me a choice. I could either have Josh's 20 dollars or his rare one-of-a-kind Pokemon card.
I chose the Pokemon card.

As you can see, we were close. Close enough that the child encouraged my kin to urinate in my mouth.
It's hard though.
He truly is like my brother.
I can see us just being close until the day he leaves. Nothing romantic.
At the same time, I can see us possibly being something.
I don't know where Mr. D. and I stand, but what I do know is
he will be apart of my life til he goes on his mission.

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