Sunday, June 12, 2011

And Things Went Better Than Planned.

First Week of Summer.



Things accomplished:

  • Watched Twlight
  • Watched New Moon
  • Watched Eclipse
  • Watched Harry Potter 6
  • Watched Harry Potter 7
  • Read half of Twilight
  • Read half of Harry Potter 7
  • Worked a 25 hour week
  • Attempted to go to Seven Peaks
  • Devoured 3 different flavored snow cones
  • Made cookies
  • Went to the temple
  • And sucessfully hung out with my cousins every night
I have vetoed high school.
I don't want to talk to anyone.
I don't want to do anything crazy.
In the words of Bruno Mars

"Today I don't feel like doing anything.
I just want to lay in my bed.
Don't feel like picking up my phone,
So leave a message at the tone.
Cuz today I don't feel like doing anything."

That has been my motto.
I have not put at ounce of make up on my face in the last week.
Nor have a put any heat or product to my hair.
If ever I need to look semi-ly decent,
the mane is thrown back into a slicked ponytail.
Because you know why?
I don't really care anymore.

I have given up on having a crazy summer.
Everyone is gone,
And I have no thrive to do anything insane.

Instead I would rather spend my days working.
Or sleeping.
Spending time with the most amazing ladies in the world.
My cousins.
They make me laugh so hard,
Diet Coke spurts out my nose.
And that hurts.
So we laugh even harder.
We giggle until our tummies hurt and we are crying for oxygen.
We realize maybe we aren't the most obsessed fans in the world because we never worried about the oil or whether they weigh foam or concrete.
And we are grateful we haven't reached that point.
We spend the night discussing our ties, glasses, and tickets as we watch part 1 of Harry Potter 7.
I have never been so happy.

Because here's the thing.
Friends are going to come and go.
It's high school.
Life is constantly changing.
You lose friends to cheerleading.
You gain some through Student Council.
One thing is constant.
And that is family.
No matter how much you want them go away at times,
or how annoyed you get,
Family is never going to change.
After high school,
you are never going to see half the people you are surrounded by everyday.
But where ever you go in life,
or whatever you become,
Family is always there to back you up.

And I'm glad I have realized this now.
Because I have the coolest family ever!
We are nuts.
I am never going to be able to bring a boy to a family party because I know they will scare him off.
We have to be engaged first.
So then he can't back out.
But that is why I love my extended family so dearly.
We are so blunt.
And hilarious.
I love it.
I love them.

Today I went to the temple for the first time in ten months.
Why so long you ask?
To be honest I don't know.
Things just come up.
And I lost the drive to go.
I forgot how much I loved that place.
And how it clears your mind.
It helps you set your priorities right.
It brings you happiness.
You feel your savior closer than ever.
My goodness.
And since I haven't been on the temple grounds in almost a year,
I decided to document the day.

One thing about Linsey?
I'm really into photography.
I wish I was better and more creative...
But what can you do?
I like editing.
Bringing out the natural beauty in everything and everyone.
Making every detail brighter and full of happiness.
And on temple grounds?
Complete happiness.

If ever you are struggling.
Feeling weak or down.
Insecure or alone.

Go to the House of the Lord.
It's fantastic how things work out. 

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