Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Universe Loves To Make Me Miserable. Typical.

Fate hates me.
End of story.
The end. 
Good bye.

So my entire junior year there was a senior boy I had a masssssive crush on.
We never talked.
I just admired him from afar.
The entire year.
I knew I would never be good enough for him,
so instead of embarrassing myself,
I just always kept a secret eye out for him and never made my love known to anyone.

Then one day,
We had a seminary assembly during one of the last weeks of school.
He decided to get up and bear his unyielding testimony.
It brought my to tears.
Not only was this boy charming and handsome, his testimony was burning and bright.
After the little meeting I marched my way up to him and thanked him for his thoughts.
He smiled that champion smile of his.
My knees went a little week.
We spent the next couple of weeks acting as though we have been close friends all year.
And it meant the world to me.
I waited at least an hour in line for him to sign my yearbook.
Once I finally received his,
I made a spur of the moment decision.
I documented my secret infatuation forever and for all of eternity in his book of the year.
It probably took up 3/4 of his page.

So now he knows.
I left my number with a simple request that we might call me and we shall play.

So the first week of summer passed.
I knew my expectations were far too unrealistic.
I mean, I just want to be his friend.
Nothing less, nothing more.
But still, at the end of the week, no call.

Then tonight.
I'm sitting of the book of Faces were his name pops up.
He says,
"You know, I tried to call you 4 times this week. 
The number didn't work... 
I was really bummed."

My heart stopped.
My stomach sank.


I sat at home every night.
Hoping that this boy might call me.
And he tried to.
And my phone didn't work.
So I sat.
And got fat.
And did absolutely NOTHING.

Am I fuming?
You betcha.

I hate my life.
And fate hates me.
End of story.
This lad leaves for the next week on a canyon adventure.

So now.
I must wait a WHOLE week to see him.
Gosh dang it.

But on the plus side,
I will have minutes on the 16th.
So we should be golden by time he arrives home.

Thats my ramble for today.

I'll let you know how it goes when this fellow decides to pop into my life again.
And pray he does.

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