Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh, The Days Of Happiness.

I can remember my last night with him perfectly.
It was the 8th of November. Elder was leaving on the 10th for the MTC. This Monday was a chance for us to say goodbye and spend our final moments together.
As usual, we met at our secret spot.
To this day, no one knows where it is. It is our little secret.
It is beyond special to me, I have not been there since that night.
We met up at 8, and my curfew was pushed to midnight because of the occasion.
Four hours.
That was all we had to be with each other.
I remember his car pulling around the corner.
My heart dropped knowing this was the last time I would witness his arrival to our precious spot.

We got out of our cars simultaneously.
Before I knew it, I was being spun in the air.
A perfect moment in the arms of my Elder.
He was a little excited to see me. 

When our embrace finally ended, I looked into his eyes.
A better definition would be melted.
I can still remember the pain that shown through his ice blue eyes.

Softly, he placed his hand of the back of my neck and drew me in.
Never in my life had I known a more powerful kiss.
It was gentle and soft, but the pain of the situation stung every moment.

After he pulled away, I saw this moment for what it truly was.
This kiss was the first of our last moments together for two years.
My heart shattered that very second.
I would not waste this night.
In anyway.
After climbing into the backseat of his car, our night really began.
We took the first hour to bear our testimonies to each other.
I have NEVER felt the spirit so strong.
The testimony of a soon-to-be missionary is outstanding.
The faith and willingness of his heart was remarkable.
I was blown away.

I only fell that much harder.

The next hour was... well... very intimate. 
Can you really blame us?
This was our last time together, 
Of course he was going to catch all the rain he could before his two year drought.
Bur randomly, at one point, he pulled away and became angry.
Almost furious.
I began to wonder what in the world I did to trigger this emotion.
Suddenly he exclaimed:
"Why now?! I have waited for my the girl of my dreams for all of high school. We even went to school together! Why are you in my life now? Right before I leave? We could have been so happy my entire senior year. Why did it have to happen like this?" and so forth.
I was shocked. My face was probably priceless.
I knew I had thought these thoughts before but I never knew they crossed Elder'smind.
My reply was:
"Ok, lets go back to your senior year. Where were you mentally? Where were you spiritually? Lets be honest, you are a different person than you were back in high school. What we have is special, and it means so much more because we are more mature now. Lets just be grateful that this did happen. And that we are in love now."

That was the first time love was ever brought up.
I buried my head in his chest, trying to disguise the initial shock and embarrassment.
I did not know how he would react.
If that would ruin everything.
I knew I felt it, but I was never quite sure where he stood.

Cricket cricket.
Oh great, I just ruined everything.

After an eternity, Elder surprised me.
He slid me onto his lap and cradled me in his arms.
For about ten minutes we just sat in quietness.
I was in complete bliss.
At least he didn't shun me like I thought he would.
To my surprise, he began to tickle words onto my back.
This entertained us for a while, he wrote a word, I would guess it.
Silly sayings, inside jokes.
Before I knew it, he wrote.
I am in love with you.
My head snapped up instantly.
I stared at him. 
"Linsey, I have never had stronger feelings for any other girl in my life. I am in love you. I want you to wait for me. I know I could marry and be the happiest guy alive."
Ohhhhh myyyyyy goodness.
Talk about your heart stopping!
Giddiness filled my body, and I just leaned in to kiss him.

Just taking a walk down memory lane.
What I would give to go back to that night...

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