Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Are A Team. Full of Fashion and Friendship.

Once upon a time,
I was so blessed.
Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.
Yes, he does.

What am I talking about?
May I just say...


Some say it looks awesome.
Others say stupid.
Some say neat.
Others say silly.

But one thing I know for sure.
It might be one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Friday Morning 7:30 am
My hands were shaking as I walked through those cold metal mall doors.
I turned the corner and entered the store.
It was a room of crowded people.
I have never felt so alone.
I turned in my luggage and grabbed a muffin by the mirrors.
The greens carpet caught my attention as I thought of what my friends were doing that day.
Seven Peaks?
Maybe a night under the stars with their bodies pressing into the thick green grass?
Whatever it was,
I wouldn't be there.
Small talk was made.
No one really willing to be their one hundred percent self.
We sat in a circle.
I mainly looked at the ground.
I could not think of ONE thing to say.
Not one.
Then a girl with very long blonde hair asked if she could squeeze in.
She was soft spoke.
The ultra polite type.
I was intrigued.
She was quite the opposite of me.
Luckily she was a dancer.
So that made a click from the start.
We discussed local studios and different school programs.
Turns out she is from Lone Peak,
and fifteen minutes away from my house.

I was in the Blue Group.
Also known as Gucci.
We played get to know you games.
I shared my passing out problem and all my favorite things.
Turns out the blonde was in my group again.
I really liked her.

We had a fashion class from the funniest old lady.
Half the stuff she said...
Ya, we did NOT expect that to come out of her.
My favorite type of apparel would be Romantic.
I learned that.
I was informed I had a M butt.
Yay for me.

At lunch is where the magic happened.
I sat by the two Lone Peak representatives and something happened.
I didn't have to try to make conversation.
I didn't have to worry about my every thought.
I didn't feel the pressure to be perfect.
I was me.
Happy little me.
And I knew these girls would become close friends.
I had that little tingle in the stomach,
And I could feel Heavenly Father shining over me.
I could feel his warmth.
His brightness.
And friendships were formed.
To the point,
Where we are moving in with one another when we graduate down in the red rocks.
We are going to college with each other.
And only after 4 hours.

We had walking classes.
And we learned our path on the Runway.
Dresses were sized and distributed.
I got a pretty one.
It made me feel like a princess.

We got to check into our hotel.
I roomed with the three most adorable girls on this planet.
We watched What Not To Wear.
It fit the theme of our gathering.
With only 30 minutes of down time,
We were off once more.

Luau baby.
And let me just say,
Exciting things happened.
I rolled down a BIGG hill.
I attempted different types of rolls but I only ended up nearly kill myself.
My ladies and I played on the giant elastic.
Running til we couldn't stop laughing.
Running til I fell flat on the bottom.
Running til I couldn't run no more.
As we laid under the shade with our heartbeats high,
I smiled in the warm sun.
This felt so easy.
So natural.
No one expected me to be anyone.
They didn't know my past.
They know the girl I have come to be and what I stand for this very moment.
And they loved me.
They appreciated me.
And I love them.
Maybe a little bit more.

See what I'm talking about?
What beauts.
We ate unbelievable food.
We're talking three big plates full.
Modesty was discussed with cute men from BYU and premissionary boys.
It was fantastic.

That night I went swimming.
Hot tubbing.
Spent the night buy chocolate,
running away from football players,
and watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.
I was completely content.
The happiest I had been in a long time.

The next morning we had a two hour photo shoot.
Linsey and her awkward life.
It was bad.
Then the ladies and I went shopping.
We went into a photo booth.
We are a little crazy.

Best friends?
I say yes.

Then we got ready for the runway.
Did I mention I was awkward?
The blonde and I had to sprint to the bathroom to wipe off all the gunk and creams.
We laughed.
We helped each other.
She's one of my bestest friends.
Did I mention we are moving in with each other once we graduate?
Ya, we are.
Here are some pictures.

Pure happiness.

I love my Fashion Team.
Every single girl.
Motto time?
Modest is hottest.


  1. lins?
    i adore this 100% you two girls are soo cute. we should go to the same bridal fairs so we can take more pictures together.
    i left mine at the hotel when we went to the luau. or else i would have taken pictures with you.
    wow. i'm a creep. i'll shut up.
    but i adore you :)

  2. It's spelled Modest.