Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That Warm October Night.

As I lay in my bed this cold summer night,

I think back to October.

The warm pavement under my skin.
Staring at the bright stars.
Trying to count every one.
And giving up after thirty.
Laughing at myself as I tried to attempt the impossible.

He eyes stared into mine with question.

I shook my head and looked away.
Trying to sneak a peek at his perfect face,
our eyes met once more.
His face shone with curiosity.

Once more I looked away.
I didn't know why I was so embarrassed.
Not because my action or the fact that I began counting the shining lights in the sky.
More like...
I wish I could have counted the stars for him.
I wish I could have surprised him.
And given him a reason for each star.

That star is for his eyes and how they roll when I say silly things.
This one right here?
Ya, it for that one time you swung me up over your shoulder when I was too stubborn to run through the sprinklers with you. 
That one to the left is for your hands when they are laced with mine.
The one next to it, reminds me of your hair. It's a little bit redder than the rest.
And that REALLY bright one right in the middle?
It reminds me of your lips. 
Your smile. 
Your words. 
Your kisses. 
Because no matter what, 
no matter where you go, 
no one can take those experiences away from us. 
They are just ours. 

I couldn't say this to him.
Because there weren't enough stars that I could count.
Not even close.

So once again,
I turned not only my eyes,
but my full attention to his moon lit face.
This time he sat there impatiently.
Waiting for some explanation for my odd behavior.

"Tell me what you have been thinking."
I said.
Trying to reverse the question to distract from my idiocy.

"As you were glancing between me and the sky,
I really noticed your blue eyes.
I noticed how your nose has that little bump in the middle.
I noticed your freckles.
But most of all,
I noticed your smile.
That smile,
that honestly knows how to make me go crazy.
The smile that makes me want to smile.
The smile I have fallen for."

He looked up at the black sky with a smug little smile, know exactly what he had done.

I snuggled into his chest a little bit more
and sucked in his aroma.
His smell.
I took in this perfect moment.
I didn't wish that time would freeze.
That would be silly to waste a moment like this.
I loved that moment.
I took it in.
I let it settle into every one of my pores.
Let it fill my body with warmth and true love.
I smiled.

Again, he looked at me.
This time demanding an answer.

I gazed up.
Grabbed his face,
and went in to describe my feelings.
Not with words,
but something more powerful.

And now,
as I sit here and reflect on that night,
I hold it close to my heart.
And I pray that when he returns with honor,
he will still remember my freckles from that warm october night.


  1. you are so good at painting a picture with what you say! its so great.
    and actually very sad in this case.
    hang in there lins.

  2. this is beautiful.
    it's those little moments that make life worth living :)