Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I'm an idiot.
End of story.
Shall I expand?
I won't.
Because I am pathetic.

This always happens.
Every. Single. Time.
Just man up Linsey.
You can do it.
Just kidding.
You can't.

Does this make any sense?
Even in my jumbled little mind nothing seems to fit.
I've done this a million times over.
But for whatever the reason maybe,
it's always new and terrifying.

So now I lay here in my bed.
Shaking my head.
Actually banging it into the head board.
Tomorrow night.
I shall redeem myself.
Mark my words.

Velour, here I come.

And you.
The one that says I should delete my blog.
Go on a mission.
It will do you good.
And get out of my business.
Thank you.

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