Thursday, March 24, 2011

As The Story Unfolds...

Call me butter because I am on a roll.
Ohhhh ya.

Today, my dear bloggers,
I conquered a fear.
I developed courage.
I forgot my wee insecurities,
and I took life by the horns.

You maybe wondering what sort of fantastic event
sparked this sudden feeling of joy and excitement.

After the final bell, ending the school day,
I tried to linger in the hall knowing my Crush
traveled the same path way I do.
He never came.
I sulked to the commons to find my little nest of friends.
I suddenly remembered that I still needed to tackle
my red headed little sister.
As I made my way done the hall,
I saw him.
Standing beside the office.
I just scurried past in utter panic and distress.
Trying to calm myself, I found my dear friend Calea. 
We discussed Chemistry and grades, 
with the sense of panic still strong in the back of my head,
 Calea bid me farewell.
Turning back to the commons, I saw him.
We made eye contact.
A million thoughts ran through my head.
Do I walk away?
Do I smile?
Do I say something?
Do I dare to go over there?
Should I go talk to him?
It was now or never.
I swallowed my fear,
with a hop in my step,
I skipped over to my Crush and his two other friends.
And we had a nice chat.
Never saying anything directly to each other,
but to the group as a whole. 
I was so nervous.
Before he noticed, 
I clasped my hands together so he couldn't see that my little hands were shaking.
Although, at random times,
I would catch him looking at me.
Just staring.
Sometimes I acted like I didn't notice.
Other times, I would turn my attention to him
and smile as radiantly as I could.
Tried to show that inner giddiness on my outside appearance.

Man.... What a guy.
One of the sweetest out there.
The fact that he might be merely interested
makes me want to stand up and do a toe-touch.

I think what sets him apart,
is I have never even considered anyone like him.
Elder and my past little lovers were
the popular,
bad boy,
that were the shiz.
So cool.
And they knew it.

My Crush now is so sweet.
And kind,
a gentleman,
just the greatest kid.
I am ready for change.
I am sick of dating the bad boys.
I want the absolutely sweetest boy around.
I think I might of found the jack-pot.

And for the first time,
my pain cause by Elder's absence,
is calming.
I am happy.
My mommy says she hasn't seen me smile like this for the longest time.
It's a terrific feeling.
I am happy.

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