Monday, March 14, 2011

What a Trip.

What a weekend to remember.
Man, on a scale of one to ten how much do I love St. George?
Probably a 100000000.
I love the heat.
I love the desert.
I love the city.
I love everything about it.

I had the opportunity to go down with these fine young ladies:
Miss Tatianna 

Miss Natalia.

Oh man, I absolutely adore these girls.

We left Friday.
It was a glorious trip south.
Filled with laughs and tears.
Stories of heart break and missionaries.
At one point on our journey, I got a little dizzy.
I simply asked Tat to roll down her window to get some fresh air.
Before I could even comprehend what was happening,
I vomited.
All over the car.
Yes, quite embarrassing.
So they had to pull while I cleaned myself up.
Finally, we arrived at our little place.
It was lovely.
A one story house with pink carpet, pink walls, and pink curtains.
The ultimate grandma house.
I fell in love with it.
We woke up the next morning early and ready for some baseball.
After a small adventure of finding the field, we settled down for the day.
And it was HOT.
I mean scorching.
I was soooo pleased.
I was ecstatic to get away from the snow and into the sun.
But let me tell ya.
I got burned.
Really burned.
Tomato red.
It hurts.
But I was secretly excited.
It was living proof that I spent five hours in the sun.
So it made me happy.

Ohhhh the games.
Let me express my awkward little encounters of the baseball games.
As I sat down I saw
Elder's parents,
Big Bear's parents,
Ren's parents.
All the parents of my past lovers.
I sat there, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.
Smile or crawl under a rock.
After debating internally, I just smiled and laughed.
Decided to shrug it off.
Only to see Big Bear sitting on the front row.
That was the first time I saw him after he read my post explaining all my feelings for him.
That made me want to cry.
We made eye contact.
It was weird.
I didn't like it.
So shrugged that off too.
I just focused on the game.
I love baseball.
Something about the heat mixed with those tight pants. 
After the last game, we crashed at the Boyle's grandparent's house.
I started snoring.
They all giggled.
We met up with some old friends.
The Andrus Brothers.
They are so neat.
We went to Larsen's to get some burgers.
The gang at Larsen's.

Then we traveled up to Dixie Rock to see the amazing city.
We could not get a good serious picture.
So we took one of only the girlies.
Take into account the red legs. I said I was burned.
We are so cute.
We thought we were funny.

After that little adventure, we made our way to the St. George temple.
It is beautiful.
One of my favorites.
This is the next morning but just for you to see :)
We got a little excited.
I cannot wait for that day.

We spent the rest of the night talking.
About boys and life.
It was grand.

The next day, we went to church with the old people.
I loved it.
Then we headed home.
A sweet little trip full of sunshine, longs talks, and adventures.
I am refreshed.
I am ready for school.
I am ready to face the next 20 months alone.
I can do it.
I just need summer and I will be happy.

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