Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, This Is As Good As It Gets.

Alright bloggers, listen up.
Update right here.

I talked to my Crush again today.
Honestly, something is wrong me.
I need to take How-To-Talk-To-Boys 101.
Sign me up.
Because if I can get better at this whole communication thing,
maybe he won't think I am such freak?
As he approached, 
I got butterflies and the result was a massive smile that took over my face.
I exclaimed a "Hello" followed with an "How are you?"
He replied that he was good.


In utter panic, I began to rack my brain with a conversation starter.
Could I think of anything?
Of course not.
I was under pressure, give me a break.
All I could think of was,
"Say something you idiot, before he walks away!!"
He was one step ahead of me.

"So... Soccer is good."

I, internally, started cracking up.
It was quite the conversation starter.
I'm not going to sugar coat anything,
You can actually feel the nervousness in the air.
We will get over it eventually right?

We then discussed the soccer schedule for the next week and
my attendance to all the games.
Then he asked if he should come to my Dance Company concert
that is coming up in the next month.
I replied that I would love that.
That makes me nervous.
But happy.
Good good stuff.
After he left, I throw off my packback
and ran through the halls.
It was kind of exciting.

On another note:
No news from Elder.
It has been a month.
I get his family and friends email every week,
but no letter.
Another realization.
I have been going through the 5 Stages of Grief.
Right now, I am numb.
I try not to think about him.
I don't blog about him.
That time seems like a whole different life.
A completely different realm.
I have shut it out.
My mind is occupied with other things.
Other boys. :)
But deep down?
The pain is still there.
4 1/2 months.
I miss you Elder.
Please write me.
As soon as possible,
Or else.

California in 9 days.
Sunshine here I come.
Disneyland, Linsey Brown is coming your way.

I am running for SBO.

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  1. if you end up taking How To Talk To Boys 101 please sign me up as well =)