Thursday, March 31, 2011

These Are The Days I Live For.

March, a glorious month.
It is a time when snow begins to melt and spring takes over.
Happiness is sprung from the most random places.
Like today.
These are the days I love.

It started out fantastic.
My dear mother let me sleep in until 7:30.
That alone made this day fantastic.
I arrived at school 8:50,
to attend a very interesting field trip.
The rebellious half of Dance Company decided to sluff a day of school,
and travel to Salt Lake to watch a very unique modern concert.
Man, it was awful.
I hate modern.
That is not real dancing.
Nope nope.
But spending the day with my girls was fantastic.

My sisters.
The best girls around.
We are so absurd together.
The topics of our conversations are completely odd and sometimes inappropriate for other individuals to hear.
 Another great plus about this field trip??
I got to dress up today.
This doesn't happen.
Usually, I just throw on a hoodie and my favorite pair of jeans.
Or the worn out sweats.
I like being comfy, sue me.
 But today, I wore my special heels.
My favorite all time favorite shoes.
They kind of make me happy.
And I never get wear them.
So it was a good day.


Once we got back, I spent my lunch discussing SBO campaigns and soccer players.

Then Dance Company.
We worked.
And worked.
And worked.
The best part?
We decided to take a couple laps around the track.
We thought it would help us to get in better shape.
After running half a lap, we started a brisk walk.
Out of shape. Pathetic.
That is when we noticed the self-named
High Jump Squishy Mat.
We spent time creating a synchronized diving routine.
We practiced our flips.
We acted like dolphins.
I cannot remember a time I laughed that hard.
Man, my friends are idiots.
That is why I love them.

But at 3:00, I had to leave.
To travel to the worst of worst places.
My nightmare.
I began to shake as I ventured to this torture chamber.
As soon as I opened the doors,
I heard the ear piercing screams of a drill sculpting its way into the human bone.
You guessed it.
Ever since I was a little girl,
I cry and shake and scream at the thought of laying in one of those chairs.
Nothing has changed.

I survived.
No injuries.
No cavities.
These pearly whites are staying clean.

I then decided to attended the JV baseball game.
After I few moments of watching the game,
I got a little restless.
Really restless actually.
So I traveled to the near-by hill with my boyfriend.
We have been close for almost two years.
He is four.
When I am with him, my maturity level drops to his equivalent.
Maybe even lower.
We spent the next hour,
rolling down the hill,
tickling each other,
hunting like dinosaurs,
sharing kisses,
making up a sweet handshake,
soaking up the sun,
fighting dragons,
only to end with an adventure to the big mountain that we had to blow up to save the world.
But our amazing escape only came to pass because of our undying love for one another.
Oh, to be young.
Where the only trouble you encounter is the dragons coming to attack you.
Your only stress is somebody took your marker.
I could not think of a better way to spend my afternoon.

He was attacking my camera.
Still in dinosaur mode.
He is so cute.
Heartbreaker, right here.
I have finally found a boy, 
that accepts me for myself and my own maturity level.

After I left the field,
I rolled down my windows with the sun shining onto my face.
I put on my sunglasses and blasted my favorite JB and T-Swift melodies.
I cannot even express my happiness at that moment.
Spring is here.
The sun is shining.
Life is good.
Life is grand.
These are the days I live for.

I need to go swing hunting.
The search for the best swing in American Fork is about to begin.

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