Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a day.

What a good day.
What a fantastic day.
I woke up this morning a bit skeptical about what the day had to bring.
I knew I was going to the state basketball game 
which meant no school.
I knew that was going to be a bonus.
But my dear friend Teysia wasn't riding up on the spirit bus
which meant I was going to suffer alone.
I don't really talk to anyone any more,
so knowing that I had to face a bus full of teenagers completely terrified me.
I don't really know how to act in public.
I'm kind of a reject.
So for an hour and half, I just listened to my iPod, trying to block out the world.
It was quite successful.
With a few interruptions from my prom date, Austin Steadman, I was completely alone.
The game got a bit better.
Teysia finally showed up.
The poor girl has to put up with my moping ways, but that just proves she is a true friend.
American Fork won, and everyone was ecstatic. 
You think I would be excited for the ride home??
No, I wasn't.
I knew it was just going to be painful and lonely.
So I sat in my little seat, pressing myself against the window.
I wish I could just disappear. 
I wish I didn't go to the game. I wish I could of just read my book all day.
In my attempt to put in my iPod, my attention was taken to a group of teenagers.
They were discussing different topics that semi-ly kept me interested.
Of course, I wanted to be involved because sitting on the seat next to was
(His blogging identity will be)
Taking a pause in the current story, I need to back track.
Me and Wonderboy... We have quite the friendship.
Before we had even said two words to each other,
this young man kissed me in front of hundreds of people. 
From then, we proceeded to talk every day.
He even took me on a date.
He is truly an amazing person.
Very kind, very sincere.
But this friendship calmed when our busy lives kicked in.
I haven't talked to him much since then. 

Heavenly Father knows his children.
Very well.
He knew that I was struggling and I needed a little pick me up.
So for the next hour, I got to just talk to Wonderboy.
And he listened.
It was what I needed.
I didn't feel so alone.
I felt happy.
I have missed his presence in my life.
He knows how to make me smile.
It made today a good day.

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