Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loser Of The Year Award Goes To This Girl Right Here.

Man oh man,
I am a stupid girl.
With serious issues.

Today I saw my Crush,
And what did I do?
Aaaand this is how it went down.

Arrived at the school building at six a.m.
For blasted attendance school.
After merely wasting an hour of my life,
I wondered back to the commons to rejuvenate for 
the long stressful day ahead.
Ding. Ding. Ding.
I began to drag my feet as
I tried to venture to the Seminary Building on the other side of school.
In the hall, leaning against the locker,
There he was.
Smiling, laughing, and just, wow.
My heart stopped.
I freaked out.
I jumped into a herd of moving teenagers,
trying to disguise my appearance from this young man.
Slowly I passed.
I believe I went unnoticed.

After lunch I was walking to my class with this fine beaut.
Miss Dayne.
My bessst frand.
We have this little pact.
When one of our shoes become mysterious untied,
the other must tie it.
It is a sign of our friendship.
It happens frequently.
We get weird looks.
We love it.
So as she was bent down at my feet tying a my unlaced shoe,
this worst thing possible actually happened.
He walked by with a single glance of disapproval.
Utter and complete failure.
You could practically smell it in the air.
So, I sulked a few yards behind him as I ventured to my classroom.
Before I turned into my class, miraculously, something happened,
He turned over his shoulder, saw me stand there,  as I was looking at him ridiculously,
and he gave me an award winning smile.
I couldn't help but be flattered that he was check if I was still there.
That definitely made the butterflies start up.
Before I could even make sense of my thoughts,
my feet sharply turned into my classroom and
I disappeared from his sight.

Couldn't I have just smile back?
Even said something?
I'm pathetic, and a coward.

One day.
I will have enough courage to march up to him,
smile with all I got,
and show him why we were in love in the first place.

That will be the day.

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