Sunday, March 6, 2011

Change. Its a good thing.

As I sit here in my bed this fine Sunday afternoon
I can't help thinking of my friends.
How I feel like I have none.

I mean, I know my cousin,
my little Callie,
and T-Slate will always be there for me.
No matter.
These young lassies are my truest friends.
They will never leave me.

But will all complete honesty...
The above set of girls are the only ones I am relatively close with.

What happened?
Why do I feel alone?
Where did all my friends go?

I know for a fact, I shooed a couple off.
Because I have a quote that I live by.

"You are who your friends are."

Truest statement in the world.
That is terrifying.
So as my thoughts try to weave and wiggle through this thought process,
I can actually answer all those questions.

What happened?
Change happened. I changed.
My priorities were rearranged.
I began to put my family before friends.
Missionaries before friends.
And probably the biggest one:
The Gospel before friends.
Yes, I realized my testimony and my personal growth relies on my 
willingness to obey and my attempts to stay on the straight and narrow path.
So I took extra me time.
Which meant less time with the girlies.

Why do I feel alone?
I am a friendly person, but I am now more picky with my friends.
I only want people in my life who thrive in the gospel.
Who push me to be my best and know my savior.
Well, not everyone is like that.
People get lost in worldly things, and they lose track of what is important.
So I would rather lack friends and be alone,
than be brought down.
My times of lonliness will only help me grow
and learn self individualism.

Where did all my friends go?
It's what I like to call pick and choose.
I have chosen to let go of certain friends.
I have kept the ones that have meant the most.
I am ready to meet more people.
Stronger people.
Smarter people.
Loving people.
Good people.
I can't wait.
My new endeavor for a new group of individuals
should be lonely but worthwhile.
In the end, I know I will find true happiness.
I have a good feeling about this.
I can't wait.


  1. Linsey,

    That's where I am right now. I think we should be friends. We should talk.

    Love you.
    Morgan jo.

  2. Lins. I just found your blog and it's making me miss you and Joshie soo much. I love you lil sis! Keep hanging in there :)