Monday, March 28, 2011

A Night To Remember.

Lets get down to business.
To defeat, the huns.

A glorious day.

 The date.
Austin Steadmen.
Or should I say,
A complete stud muffin.
My best friend through out all the junior high years.
One of my closest friends.
He is a total sweetheart.

For our day date, we went rock climbing at The Quarry.
And let me tell you,
rock climbing destroys your body.
After the first climb,
my arms were shaking and I was done.
So I helped my date the majority of the time.

Now my forearms are oh so sore,
but I would have to say the day date was a success.

Then I got ready.
The very very very best part of prom.
Getting dressed up like a princess or a movie star.
You were the dress of your dreams.
You feel so special.
On top of the world.
Well, this was the out come.
 An over all look.
 The hair.
 Could I move in that dress? Nope.
 The back.
 A close up.
Just me.

I love this dress.
With all my heart.

When my date came to pick me up,
That is when I saw our transportation.
Two words:
Hummer. Limo.
Ask me if a scream escaped my throat when I saw it?
It did. 

I felt like a complete movie star.
With the best date around.

Every boy wanted their date to feel the joy and excitement I felt when I first saw the limo.
So, we picked up 
Two hours later,
We finally made it to pictures.
Then to dinner.
It was the greatest food.
I stuffed myself.
Have I ever mentioned my love of food?
It's kind of a problem.

Once we rolled back into the limo,
our dates popped out the Martinelli's.
Oh Baby.
How cool did I feel?
Riding in a hummer limo,
with my fantastic date,
music blasting in the background,
partying with my best friends,
drinking sparkling cider?

My attempts to be rebel. Epic. Fail.

Finally, at 10:15, we made it to the dance.
I saw all my friends in the their beautiful dresses.
Every single one of them looked dazzling.
Best lookin girls I have ever seen.

Here is a little secret about Linsey at dances.
I got nuts.
Absolutely insane.
Because I can.
With my awkward interpreted dance moves.
I pretty much hit anyone within a five foot radius of me.
It's awesome.

Best part of the dance?
At one point, I found my red headed little sister.
She looked so grown up.
I shed a tear.
I went to go dance with her for one song,
this being her first dance ever.
And before I knew it, there was my Crush.
Dancing like a crazy man.
It was awesome.
I felt so cool.
COMPLETELY on top of the world.

At one point I saw Wonderboy and his lovely date.
It was during a slow song,
and I just watched as he serenaded her with his voice of an angel.
They are so in love.
I had to look away.
I felt embarrassed watching such a strong connection take place.
It made me giddy just looking at them.
I am soo happy for the couple.
They both deserve the world.

Finally, the dance came to a close.
We watched a movie at one of the boy' house.
We laughed, and fell asleep.
It was a good calming end to a fantastic night.

The Fantastic Date.
The Food.
The Limo.
The Dress.
The Dance.

Such a special night.
I will remember this forever.


  1. okay beautiful! love your dress dear :)

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