Monday, March 21, 2011

Quite The Day

Sometimes in life...

You get stressed.
You get caught off guard.
You cry.
You run around the stupid high school.
You beg teachers to help you.
You get a strange random letter that is false.
You fail a Chemistry test.
You get turned down.
You see your Crush in the hall, and jump behind a crowd of people.
You run and run and run.
You talk to some sweet girls.
You miss Dance Company.
You cry some more.
You want to sleep, but know you can't.
You scream.
You turn in your application packet.
You feel relieved.

It was... a bad day. But thats okay.
Because you know what?
Everything got in.
Everything is good.
Life is good.
And I love it.
Very much.

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