Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Day of Joy.

I love love.
Don't you?

Feeling giddy and appreciated?
Swooned and special?

It's the best.

Especially when communication is present.
It's neat.

I don't know why he still makes me nervous.
I see him,
and my mind fumbles,
my tummy fills with fluttering creatures,
and my feet carry me in the opposite direction.
It's not okay.

I spent the whole day banging my head into the desk
thinking of how pathetic I act when I see him down the hall,
and I sprint away.
I get so scared.

Then I hear my name down the hall.
"Puffs! Hey Puffs!"
Long story.

I began to wonder why I was so nervous in the first place.
When we talk, we just click.
He makes me so happy and giggly.

I came home and my mom asked me why I was so smiley.
She looked at me curiously then said
Never mind, I know why.
And chuckled to herself as she walked away.
Think they know everything. 
Probably because they do.

I can feel myself falling.
I'm terrified,
but at the same time,
I could not be more excited.

Another Disney scene.

Aladin and Jasmine.



  1. ah! i love this song! soo much. (:
    and you and whoever this boy may be.
    sound so adorable.

  2. A whole new world huh? :) Interesting...