Saturday, May 7, 2011

Swings and Delightful Things.

I did it.

I swung on the beloved device that I have been dreaming of for months and months.

The Swing.

I know.

Not only did I complete a goal I had been aspiring to accomplish, 
I did so with my Crush.
Someone pinch me.
Actually don't.
That would hurt.
But I was myself.
And was I awkward?
You betcha!
But only a little bit, so it's okay.
I'm getting better.

Also, I talked to a new friend.
I like her.
She makes me smile.
YOU know who you are. 
I feel cool knowing that this young lady is going to read this.
You inspire me.
Thank you for being so wonderful.
And our connecting moments.

That is all.
I love nights like this.

Go hug your mom.
It is her special day.

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