Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its Almost Here.

I like days like today.

School was long.
The usual.

I got a 96% on my english final...
so I was pretty darn slap happy.

The afternoon was spent with one of my favorite sophomores.
He helped me with chemistry.
We ate chocolate chip cookies and sat on his porch.
We solved titration problems.
The sun was our friend.
I like the sun.

I passed out programs at a scholarship recognition shindig.
Approximately five people showed up.
On the plus side,
I got to know one of my fellow SBO members better.
He is going to teach me how to tumble.
I like him.

As I sat in my home,
I needed wind and freedom.
Before I knew it,
I was on my little bicycle I have had since I was ten
on my way to my red headed little sister's abode.

We had to clean before our little adventure.

Then we went on our ride.
I have never been so out of shape in my entire life.
Twenty feet and we were huffin and puffin.
we went and said hello to a special boy.
because there is a big hill leading to his house.
I like hills.

I like summer.
I can feel it.
Its coming.

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