Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Thoughts And A Crazy Life.

Does your life ever feel like a whirlwind?
It is Wednesday night.
A week has never flown by faster in my life.
It feels like it should be Monday during third period.
My mind is blown currently at the moment.

Friday is almost here.
You know what that means?
You guessed it.
The usual highlight of my week.
A Soccer Game.
I cannot wait.
The events of Friday might turn out to be quite epic.
I'll let you know as the moment arrives,
but cross your fingers.

AF just whooped Lone Peak in the behind today is baseball.
Name the last time AF beat Lone Peak at anything.
You can't.
That's right.
We are taking it all the year baby!

I had a full on conversation with my Crush today.
In full sentences.
He even walked me to class.
I walked into English and pratically collapsed into my desk.
I felt special.
Why does he make me feel giddy?
If only he knew.

I did homework with my best friend tonight.
I can talk to him better than anyone I know.
He actually listens.
It's nice.
I love my little sophomore very much.

Today, I saw a wee junior higher walking home.
He had his eyes on the ground while walking through the mud.
His pants were flooded and his shirt had a couple stains.
His untamed messy hair was tussled in the wind and whipping his think glasses.
As I passed this boy,
I thought to myself,

I wonder what his is story.

I wonder how his life at home is,

how is father and mother treat him.

I wonder what are his strengths.

What are his weaknesses.

What trails does he face.

What makes him cry.

What makes him smile.

What does he want to be when he grows up.

What are his loves in life.

Who does he love.

Isn't it crazy how we go our whole lives passing strangers and never taking a second glance.
How we go to school and
put on a smile,
and act like nothing is wrong?
Like we are all living perfect lives?
The truth is,
it is all a show.
We are all real humans.
We all have trials.
We all scream and cry and fight.
we act as though everything is fine.
When it's not.
This boggles my mind.
I am still trying to conclude my thoughts on this subject.
If everyone just understood what every other person was going through,
wouldn't this world be a more gentler place?
More loving?
More happy?
Just something to think about.
It alters your perspective a wee bit 
when you look at the faces that you see in the hall every day.
I have love for every individual.
I see beauty in all of them.
Its a different experience.
I guess I am just growing.
I like it.

Random fact:
May the fourth be with you.
National Star Wars Day.
Seeing everyone running around with lightsavers and 
fighting as jedis,
creating allies,
and preparing for combat.
Man, it was a good day.
Not gonna lie,
I learned some pretty deadly moves.
Not to toot my own horn 
or anything.

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