Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommy Dearest, I Love You So.

The Day of Mothers.
What a special event.
We are celebrating the single most influential person to ever touch your life.
Your mother has been there from the very beginning.
I mean,
she created you.
She knows you better than anyone on this earth.
And today,
we get to celebrate all their greatness.

I was born January 29, 1994.
My mommy's uterus ruptured 
causing her to be forced into a C-section.
It is the number one killer of mommies and babies in the world.
I was, what my mom likes to say, a miracle baby.
April 1, 1994,
My mother wrote me this letter.
She placed it in my baby book for me to read.
I'm guessing for days like these, when I can look back,
and truly see how much she loves me.

My dear Linsey,

When I had the ultra-sound that said you were a girl, I was so excited and I dreamed of holding you in my arms. I t was so neat to see you in my womb, you were flexing your little arm. You arrival was anxiously awaited as you were 3 days late. I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father and modern medicine for your safe arrival. Just seeing your sweet face with your chubby little cheeks made all the pain bearable.  You were screaming when they put you up to my face, when I talked to you, your crying stopped. You knew my voice, you knew I was your mother. Then they whisked you away from me and I couldn't hold you for 4 hours. They were some of the longest hours I'ver ever waited. When I finally held you in my arms, it seemed like the whole world stopped, and for a split second, our spirits touched. You were such a beautiful baby! I kept saying a beautiful little body for a beautiful spirit. Heavenly Father sent you to earth at this time because he is in need of strong, valiant spirits. Linsey, you have brought so much love into our family. All I want to do is hold you. I look forward to our mother-daughter relationship. It is already blossoming. Linsey, you light up my days! Your big brother, Joshua, is so gentle with you and always gives you kisses. You daddy adores you too! I will always love you my sweet little girl. 
Love, Mom

I love my mom.
She is my best friend.
Sometimes we fight and get on each other's nerves.
My room isn't always cleans and she freaks out.
She will say something insensitive that will push me to tears.
But in the end,
This women knows me better than I probably know myself.
I love her.
Thank you mom.
For everything you do for me.
I mean everything.
I don't know what I would do without you.
I love you.

Nuzzle nuzzle. :)

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