Sunday, May 22, 2011

Please Start Now. Yes, I Would Like That.

Ah-ha moments.
Do you ever have those moments when all the pieces fit?
Where every thought clicks?
And makes perfect sense?

I had a few of those on Saturday.
Maybe more than a few.

It started out with a service project.
Picking up the trash in American Fork.
My dear group had the joyful task of walking from In-N-Out to Cold Stone.

I brought a friend.
*Place giggle here*
I was told I was completely useless because it was impossible to stay concentrated.
I don't understand what they are talking about.

I adore these girls.
I'm a total loser for not getting a picture with my friend.

I spent the rest of the day with my soul sister.
It in insane how you can be the exact opposite of a person,
but at the same,
you find your other half.

She's the artistic one.
Writing, photography, art,
the whole shibang.

I'm the logical one.
I like numbers and patterns.

Being best friends is having one soul in two bodies.

I found my other half.
We maybe so different,
but we are givers.
We will give EVERYTHING to those we care about.
Do anything for them.
Listen to their joys and rejoice with them.
Discuss little details and over analyze every portion as girls love to do.
Listen to stories of heartbreak and comfort,
even when we are dying inside.
Serve the ones we love in every way possible.
I always knew I did this.
But never have I met someone willing to open up to me,
as she has.
The more we talked, the more we began to realize we both made SBO for many reasons.
One of the top reasons?
To become soul sisters.
And we are.
And I love her.
I am so blessed to have this young lassie in my life.
We went to yard sales.
Went grocery shopping.
We played with kitties and puppies.
See for yourself.

Look at my little Simba.
What a gem.

The old and new council member had a little party.
I was abnormally quiet.
I still feel like the odd girl out.
Soon, my odd ways will be accepted and I will have a family with my council.
But for now...
I'm scared.
I'm scared I won't fit it.
That I will be looked at as this random child on council,
that doesn't really belong.
I know once my council sees the true me,
they will welcome me with open arms.

But I am in transition right now.
With friends,
with myself.
I am changing.
And I know it.
Love it, to be precise.

I spent half my night with my SBO ladies.
And that is when things clicked.
I looked around, and I felt loved.
And cared for.
When it comes to a Blue,
such as myself,
there is not a greater feeling.
I can already tell,
we are going to be so so close.
I can't wait.
Dear StuCo,

I would really appreciate it if you would start now.
I would love to have a family.
My dream is to walk up to all the members and each of them to smile and accept me.
That would be nice.
You are a major blessing in my life, and as I count my many,
I do not want you to go waste.
I want to start now.
This very moment.
I love you.
With all my heart.
Thank you.
For everything.
Please make my senior year the best one ever.
I would really like that.

With all my heart,

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  1. Hey Soul Sista,

    You amaze me.

    Thanks for an amazing day, you logical person you. :)

    We are going to have the best year...ever.

    Love Always,