Friday, May 20, 2011

A Late Night and A Stupid Movie.

It is 3:16.
I am still awake.

I am asking myself the same question.

Tonight, this morning to be exact,
I went to the midnight premiere of this fine movie.

I watched the first fifteen minutes,
then slept like a baby for the next hour.
I do not know how that happened.
I didn't like the ending.
It doesn't make sense.
A few questions I have.

What was the purpose of the pig?

Where did the mermaid take the priest?

How in the world did the mermaid get into the fountain of youth?

Did I miss something?

I want my money back.

On our way to the Megaplex theater,
my two red headed long lived childhood friends and I,
decided to document the night.

We're special.
Very special.

At one point in the evening,
I was somehow left to guard the car,
while every other member of our party went into the gas station.

Typical Linsey situation.

So as I sat in the car all by my lonesome,
in hopes to entertain myself,
I took out my camera.

I have always had the biggest pet peeve.
When girls take pictures of themselves, 
in the passenger side of the car 
infront of the mirror.
I can't exactly explain why.
I don't like it.
Soo... I decided to make a tribute.
Please enjoy some lovely photos.

Like I said before,
Am I right?

If you ever wonder what Linsey enjoys doing in her spare time,
this is it.

I love late nights.
After my many distractions I am finishing this post at 3:51.
Time for some sleepy-sleep.

Ladies and gentlemen.
I bid thee farewell.

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