Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mark The Day Folks. It's A Big One.

Hello. :)
Hold on.


Watch this video, por favor:

Pretty much my emotions in a song.
Except for I would say,
I am in like.
Deep like.
Lots of it.

Please mark today as the day I was myself,
yes still awkward, clumsy, and a little out there,
but myself around.... him. :)

Here's how is went down.
It was definitely awkward at first.
It always is.
He played a game of basketball while I laid on the road.
We decided to go get a snowcone.
After a little tooth pulling conversation,
I don't know what happened,
but I wasn't nervous anymore.
I wasn't watching every word that came out of my mouth,
and planning my reaction to every one of his.
It just... flowed.
I was smiling and giddy and happy and... man.
We went back to the pool of munchkins 
and lets just say we didn't leave each other's side.


We just talked.
And laughed.
We made a list for summer.
What a fantastic summer it is going to be.
We talked about the frisky days of kindergarten.
Our biographies were discussed.
Jokes about shaven legs and big caffs were shared. 
I can just laugh.
I am ecstatic.

So happy.

Once I walked in the door,
after a simple hug on the door step,
I sprinted to my mother and tackled her with excitement.
After she yelled at me for a few moments for interrupting her reading session,
I told her my whole night.

I screamed a lot.

I am in like,
I am in like,
And I don't care who knows it!

Did I mention we are going to the Bruno Mars concert??

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