Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rain and Parks. What More Could You Want?

This school year is nearing a close.
The usual result of this time of year would be...

But when does Utah ever follow the rules?
We are rebels.

For almost three days straight,
Utah County has been under a constant cover of pouring rain.

My feelings about the current weather?

In Love.

If someone asked me if I would take sunshine or heavy pouring rain?
My answer would obviously be,
heavy pouring rain.

Today during my classes,
I would look through the streaking window 
and pray the rain would stay this strong.
As soon as the bell rang for early lunch,
two little sophies and I made a dart for the car.

Before entering the out doors,
I slipped off my Toms,
cuffed my pants,
and sprinted underneath the crying clouds.
I must have looked like a five year old,
running around,
making splashes in little puddles.
Miles joined me as we sang in the rain.
We even danced a bit.

Once we stopped our immaturity for a moment,
we decided to head to JCW.
Home of the best Ranch Bacon Cheeseburger this world has ever seen.

We ate.
Miles handed me several napkins to clean my face.
I would like to see him drive and eat a massive burger at the same time.
Why I outta....

As we traveled to our prison of a school
we past a park I pass everyday.
Without the consent from my fellow car members,
my vehicle abruptly turned into the parks little street parking.

I told the youngins we were going to swing on swings.
In the rain.
May I just announce right now that this idea was one of my more genius ones?
Because it was.
I giggled a lot.
I felt free.
I love rain.
It changes me.
We ran around.
I almost slipped onto my behind.
We climbed in trees.
Pure happiness.
We acted as though we were five.
Because that is who I am at heart.

Next time it rains,
please go play at a park.

It'll make you smile.
Truly smile.

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