Monday, May 23, 2011

There Goes That Dream.

What the point?
What is the point of marriage?

All I know and have ever seen is relationship after relationship
fall apart.

Only ending in heartbreak.
And remorse.

What is the point of going through that?
Why would we want to be miserable?

I know the most incredible ladies who deserve an entire kingdom,
and to be treated like a royal princess,
and live happily ever after.

I am not stupid.
I don't live in La-La land.
Life is full of trials.
Trying times that will push you to your limits.
But for once in my life,
I would love to see these hardships pull a marriage together
instead of push the love apart.

I'm just sick of it.

I'm never getting married.

I will with my seven kitties and two parakeets.

My testimony of my Savior's love will be enough for me in this life.
Isn't that why we are here?
To become like Him?
And that is my goal.
So why do I need to fall in love?
Because I know it won't last.
It never does.
Once the honeymoon stage passes, I fear everything will fall apart.
So as of this moment I am never getting married.

Maybe I'll move to Ethiopia.
I will work in the orphanages as a nanny and serve the people there.

Maybe I will become a lonely psychologist,
who spends all of her time developing an actual cure for Schizophrenia.
I'll be so busy, having a husband would be silly.

I like these plans.

Along with my kitties.

I give up as a hopeless romantic.

That is a far off dream that will never be reached.

thanks for listening to my ramble.


  1. You and I both know that we're too hopelessly in love with love to not find it.

    However, the idea of working in Ethiopia does sound rather rewarding.

  2. Because to get back to the Celestial Kingdom we have to be married in the temple, sweetheart(:

    My parents are the greatest example of marriage to me. They are so strong and through all the hardships our family has gone through, they've stayed strong and love each other just as much as ever.

    Don't give up! (: We don't even need to be worrying about marriage yet. Yes, it may be in the near future for us, but don't be worrying about it just yet. When the time comes, you'll find it.

    I'm positive. (: