Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday. Friday. Friday is my favorite day.

I love Fridays.
Yes I do.
I love Fridays,
How about you?

I love when for first period you sit on the ground
and play monopoly for an hour.

When you actually understand what is going on in chemtistry.

I love when your teacher lets you leave in the middle of class to get Gandy's.

I love lunch sides and when teachers bare their testimony.

I love Dance Company.
When we run and run and run.
When we collapse in the middle of the field because we are all so out of shape.
Cartwheels and rolling down big green hills.
Playing tag.
Ending in the fetal position.
I love being with best friends in the sunshine.
Smiling and laughing.
Without a care in the world.

I hate that today marked the end of the season.
I love soccer players.
Sitting in the blistering heat with your best friend.
Talking about cereal. A special kind.
I love when the boys on the bleachers break out into song.
I love when a dear sophomore grabs my hand and serenades me with his beautiful voice.
I enjoy him.
I love feeling giddy.
And blushing.
I love watching the JV game with... well... you know who. :)
I want to cry at the fact that soccer games will cease to exist now.
But I love the memories.
All of them.

 I had to take a picture of the lovely group of boys serenading the crowd during halftime.
I like them.

Great season boys.
We will really get em next year.

I love Texas Roadhouse.
And steak.
And potatoes. 
And their rolls.
Oh man... The rolls.
And embarrassing moments.
You know how I love those.

I love watching eight episodes of Modern Family.
Laughing my guts out.
I love nights at home,
with my sisters and mama.

I absolutely adore and completely obsessed with
Justin Beiber 
and his movie.
I love watching it twice in a row.
And when your best friend slash cousin understands your undying passion.
When her infatuation might exceed your own.
I love him.
So much.
With all my heart and soul.

I love my life.
Every part of it is beautiful.
Everything has happened for a reason.
I have never been so happy.
So motivated.
So ready.
Bring it on.

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