Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From The Girl Who Can't Be Seen.

May I ask question?
And will you answer sincerely?

Am I invisible?
Am I translucent?

Because certain male individuals at American Fork High School 
see right past me
and don't even acknowledge my existence.
At all.
I have never been so frustrated in my life.
You talk to a boy.
You smile and laugh and have quite an amazing time.
But once you arrive at school,
that friendship ceases to exist.
I know that it is in fear that certain people are watching.
Judging every moment.
I am so sick of it.
Almost raging.
A certain male, as well as yourself, get so extremely flustered every time you come in contact,
conversation never happens.
Why must I be shy in times such as these?
I am just a little upset.

I have invisible written on my forehead.
And that is something I will have to live with.
A curse I have been given.
I hate high school.
The end.

Thank you for listening.

1 comment:

  1. oh. my goodness.
    this probly describes exactly how i feel right now.
    i'm sorry doll.
    you're not alone..