Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unlikely Friendships.

The world is filled with unlikely friendships.
 Odd pairings that, to the casual observer, 
make absolutely no sense at all.
But if we look closer we can see why these alliances form. 

The world is filled with unlikely friendships. 
How do they begin;
With one person desperately in need 
and another willing to lend a helping hand.
When such kindness is offered, 
we're finally able to see the worth of those we had previously written off. 
And before we know it, 
a bond has formed,
 regardless of whether others,
or the unlikely friends involved,
can understand it.

Yes, unlikely friendships start up everyday. 
No one understands this more than I.

May I ask why we haven't been friends before?
Please answer.

That is all.

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