Sunday, May 1, 2011

Awkward Moments And All.

I think I am so funny.
I do.
Sometimes I enjoy silly pranks and I try my hardest to create awkward moments.
They are the best.
I get a kick out of it.

So today,
I made cookies with my red headed little sister.
Peanut Butter with Hershey kisses slapped in the middle.
My favorite.
I decided to take some to Wonderboy and write him a letter.
Because he deserves it.
So as I got permission to head over to his abode to drop off the little present,
my red headed sister was quite unpleased that she had to leave so early in the night.
We concocted a secret plan.
She was to hide in the trunk and listen to our conversation.
At one point,
when I say the code phrase of,
"Man... Life is just super duper grand!"
she was going to bang and smash and freak out to scare the living daylights out of Wonderboy.
It was genius.
So the adventure began.
I thought the night would be spend chatting in my car for Cally to hear,
but nope.
We decided to play basketball.
I was attempting to talk loud enough over the pounding of the ball hitting the cement,
so that my suffocating friend could hear the conversation.
At one point in the evening,
Wonderboy had to go inside for Family Prayer.
He told me just to play basketball and that he would be out momentarily.
As soon as he entered the building,
I sprinted to my car.
Twisting my key into the rear end.
Miss McCall gasped in a breath of fresh air.
She was dying.
It's fine.
We began to rediscuss the secret mission when I heard the door open and voices speaking.
I slammed the trunk door in her face and sprinted back to my previous place.
Acting as though nothing had ever happened.
We began our simply game of ball once more.
Before I knew it,
Wonderboy's neighbor friend came to spend some time with us.
He told Wonderboy that he had something to tell him that I couldn't hear.
I walked away and entertained my self with a few missed baskets.
I looked back and saw him shaking his head laughing.

"Why is someone in your trunk?"

"Uhhh... What are you talking about?"
I said trying to act as innocent as possible.

"Here. Lets take a look."

I tried everything in my power to stop him from approaching my car.
Too bad I'm just this weak little duckling.
He lifted my trunk to see McCall,
laying in my trunk,
half smiling,
half in shock.
I have never laughed so hard in my entire existence.
I fell to the ground.
He reported that I was the weirdest person.
And I must agree.
I mean who else hides their best friends in the trunk of their cars?
For entertainment?
Only Linsey.
It's normal.
What a night.
Try to create an awkward moment.
You will not regret it.
No matter how stupid you feel afterward,
it is quite the story to tell.
Try it.

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